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Overall Bet365 Review

Bet365 is one of the top rated online gambling websites that has a very wide range of betting options and casino games that can be accessed from the same account. The first thing that stands out about this website is the fact that it is truly international reaching a great number of markets and countries. This means that Bet365 can be accessed in 17 different languages and offers gambling options in 29 currencies with custom bets available for every market. The name says it all; it is available 24/7/365 and there is always primetime in some part of the world no matter when you go online.

What makes Bet365 stand out even more is the In-Play betting option on which it has evolved over the years and it is a great attraction for punters all around the world. Due to the website being available in so many countries and having so many sports and leagues featured, the live In-Play betting options that can be accessed at any given time are more than what some of the other top betting websites have over a whole weekend; it actually represents half of the revenue stream for the sportsbook. Users can make live bets on all the major sports in the world as well as watch some of the games on the website in high definition quality due to a Bet365 streaming service.

The wide range of currencies available are a very nice touch that surely make things a lot more comfortable for the international players that visit the website on a daily basis. No matter where you are from, it is very likely that Bet365 has your currency available if you choose to make a deposit and the bonuses will be evened out to a round number to match your currency, but more on that later. For now, the most important point that has made Bet365 so popular and one of the top online sportsbooks at the moment is that it always has a great number of matches to bet on that come from countries all around the world. It is a great opportunity for users to learn about international leagues of which they wouldn’t otherwise know.

The sports that are on top of the list as far as popularity goes are surely football and tennis and the many fans of these two sports can enjoy a vast range of betting options all year round. This doesn’t mean that all the other popular sports are left aside; on the contrary actually, Bet365 covers all the major sports in the world including cricket, darts, futsal and many more. Also important to note is the fact that they don’t just feature the top leagues of most of these sports, they also have the next few divisions available for betting.

Bet365 Bonus Details

The bonus details available for every major online sportsbook are very important and while Bet365 doesn’t have the best betting bonus in the business, they do manage to keep up with the trend and make users happy.

The first and most common bonus comes with the initial deposit and Bet365 will double the amount you deposit up to $200. The 100% first deposit bonus does vary a bit depending on the currency. As mentioned before, every bonus is made to a round number in a certain currency so while the standard is up to 200 USD, the bonus can only go up to 100 Euro if users choose this currency. Others examples would be 100 GBP, 200 RON, 2500 INR and many others so make sure to first check the 100% initial bonus before making a deposit in a certain currency just to be sure of how much you can get. In order to get the bonus, the user has to visit the “offers” tab from the cashier after the first deposit has been made. By doing this, the bonus amount will be instantly transferred into the account. Note that the user has to wager the bonus amount as well as the initial deposit three times before being able the withdraw the money.

With the same initial deposit, users can also claim a 100% bingo bonus. This is certainly something worth mentioning even for users that are not fans of the game. The bingo games offered by Bet365 can be very attractive and this bonus basically gives users free shots at the big jackpots and should not be simply passed by. There is no reload bonus so be sure to take advantage of the initial one.

There are also some very attractive promotions for some of the popular sports. Bet365 offers free betting options for some of the big matches from the English Premier League. Another special promotion is the Bore Draw Money Back Offer which gives users the chance to get their money back from pre-match bets if the final score is 0-0. This basically increases the odds for the player and makes things a lot more interesting. Also for European football betting, there is a special promotion regarding accumulators. The Euro Accumulator Bonus is available for the major leagues and it offers a better payout.

For US sports, the special promotions consist of a 50% Parlay Bonus. There are also special promos for horse racing such as Best Odds Guaranteed and Free Bets and similar ones for greyhound racing. In order to benefit from the Free Bets, users have to bet on a winner with a 4/1 odds or greater and they will receive a free bet of the same amount for the next race. This has a limit of 50 pounds and is only available for races in UK and Ireland.

Keep in mind that these special promotions are only available at a given time; while the football special promos only come by a few times a month, the horse racing ones can happen a few times a day.

Bet365 also has a loyalty program and accounts are reviewed each weak for bonuses.

As far as banking options go, the list couldn’t get any better. There are a lot of options available for users that want to make a deposit as well as for those that want to make a withdrawal.

Weak Points

Although Bet365 is a great online gambling website, it is not perfect and there are some weak points that need to be mentioned. The most common complaint from users is the lack of reload bonuses which other websites offer. Also in comparison to other websites, the %100 Initial Bonus only goes up to a small amount, $200, while other websites can offer a much higher limit. There are also some country restrictions that keep Bet365 from earning a perfect score; users from Turkey, Hong Kong, Netherlands and USA do not have access to the website.

In Conclusion

Bet365 is one of the best online sportsbooks out there. It is the largest one on the market with over five million users from 200 countries and it has managed to become truly international with great services and options available in each country; something that most big betting websites seem to fail at. The small drawbacks are easily overshadowed by all the strong points that have made Bet365 the powerhouse that it is today.

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