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Overall Bookmaker Review

Bookmaker is the biggest name on the market right now and easily considered by most people to be a pillar of the gambling industry. It can always be found on top of all the rankings when it comes to online betting websites and its long history combined with a prestigious professionalism have made it the most trusted site amongst them all. There is no other better way to create an introduction for the most popular online bookmaker that can be called home by professional bettors and small enthusiasts alike.

It all started in 1970 with Ron Sacco getting one of the biggest bookmakers in US. Step by step, the business expanded and moved to Costa Rica to avoid the US regulations that were keeping it from becoming the powerhouse it had potential for. A big turning point came in 2000 when they launched an online betting site from Costa Rica with offices available in other 17 countries. This was just the start of the fast growing internet betting era and the website was right there amongst the first. Nowadays, all the other major sports betting websites take the line from Bookmaker for all the major sports in US with American football being the most popular. The logo “Where the Line Originates” is not just for esthetic purposes on the website, it actually represents the starting point of the betting lines for these sports. The days when everybody looked towards Las Vegas for the lines are long gone and now Las Vegas sportsbooks take their lines from Bookmaker the following day.

The amount of bets placed on the website is truly incredible with large amounts being a very common sight and with no limitations on how much a user can win during a certain period. While other major online books don’t allow their players to win more past a certain point, Bookmaker is happy to offer big payouts that can go as up as millions of dollars.

This makes it the ideal location for professional punters that want to get a head start on all the major sports. With NFL being the most popular choice, the maximum amount one can bet is $40,000 with other huge limits on other sports and even with simple teaser bets. It doesn’t mean that smaller users can’t join the website; Bookmaker is keen to satisfy every player on the website no matter the amount they want to wager. Bets can go as low as one dollar for enthusiasts and can be found in a wide variety of options for every sport. Since September 2011, Bookmaker also features live betting options.

Bookmaker offers options for sportsbook, racebook, casino (with a special section for poker) as well as for mobile devices with attractive rewards for every customer.

Bookmaker Bonus Details

The sports bonuses and special promotions available at Bookmaker can be very profitable but they are not the best. For starters, the Signup Bonus is just of 15% and only applies for users that deposit at least $300; the bonus can go as up as $500 and has to be rolled over four times before being possible to withdraw it.

Something that not all the big online sportsbooks have is a reload bonus and Bookmaker has two of them depending on the level of the user. For Diamond Level Members, the Reload Bonus is of 15% with the same conditions as the first deposit bonus. For regular members, the Reload Bonus is just 10% and in both cases, the Western Union fees are covered by the website.

Another bonus that has become very popular amongst online gambling sites is a referral bonus. In this case, it is a 10% bonus that the user gets if he refers a friend who makes a deposit of $300 or more. The maximum bonus amount is $300 and it has to be rolled over five times.

Special Promotions are available every Tuesday and Wednesday and users that deposit $100 or more on these days will get a 20% reload bonus and the website will cover all fees for amounts that are over $300.

There is also a betting bonus for horse betting that offers 8% Cash Rebate every day. Also important to mention is the loyalty program that offers players points on every wager they make which can be used as free-play bonuses. The problem with the loyalty system is the fact that it isn’t available for professional players.

To take advantage of these bonuses and promotions, users can choose from the long list of depositing methods and one of the 14 accepted currencies. There are no country restrictions for this website and it is available for users all around the world.

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Perfection is hard to come by and while Bookmaker is arguably the closest one to it, there are still some things that have to be mentioned. The most popular complaint from users, as mentioned before, is that fact that the loyalty system doesn’t apply for professional players. The promotions are also not the best ones available and a 100% initial bonus seems to have become the norm with online gambling websites. Despite it being the leading bookmaker offshore by a huge distance, the website is only available in one of three languages; English, Spanish and Chinese. It is a huge powerhouse but it isn’t truly international and this is what keeps it from getting a perfect score.

Closing thoughts

We can’t finish this review without mentioning the outstanding customer service that is available 24/7 and without applauding the mobile options on the website that allow users to place their bets from a smartphone or a tablet. It is safe to say that the line starts from the top and that is where Bookmaker deserves to be right now. The large operation has managed to offer the best of both worlds for their wide range of customers and everyone is happy to be a part of it. There are always improvements that can be made and Bookmaker is well on its way to becoming the perfect online betting site.

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