Does The Race For No. 3 Still Matter In College Football?

Looking at the three contenders for third spot

The battle past the top two spots may not matter if Alabama and Florida State manage to break away from the pack. Both of them are undefeated across their first nine games, but so is Ohio State as it takes third spot in BCS Standings. Alabama already has a nice lead with 1,472 points, while Florida State is the only other team to make it past the 1,400-point mark yet. Ohio State is more than 100 points behind Florida.

Does The Race For No. 3 Still Matter In College Football?However, things are rarely certain in college football and the standings can very easily change later this year. Last year, Oregon was in a great position to make it all the way to the national title game and looked invincible before No. 14 Stanford defeated it 17-14 in OT. This loss meant that Oregon’s shot at the national championship became almost out of reach. And this is not just old news, as Stanford defeated Oregon again just last week. In fact, seemingly invincible teams dropping crucial games to lower-ranked opponents is far too common to rule it out this season.

This means that the teams which are now lower on the list than Florida State still have plenty of reason to hope for a BCS title game and fight for it. The Crimson Tide and the Seminoles are now on top but if past seasons are any indication, things can switch around very easily. Ohio State, Stanford and Baylor are next in BCS standings and their dream is still alive, making the No. 3 spot very important as we approach the end of the regular season.

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Baylor Bears

It is hard to pick the best team from the three fighting for third spot but the Baylor Bears tend to edge ahead a bit. The preseason polling and slot voting hurt the Bears a bit and that is probably why they are not No. 3 today, but being fifth in BCS standings with an 8-0 record is not that bad. They didn’t just win their games, they dominated almost everyone they faced, with the only exception being the game against Kansas State, which Baylor won 35-25 after trailing in the fourth quarter and getting the insurance touchdown with just 80 seconds on the clock.

The schedule saw fairly weak teams go up against the Bears thus far and there will be some quality opponents coming soon in Oklahoma State and Texas.

Ohio State Buckeyes

It seems that Ohio State is being overlooked a bit this season but this doesn’t mean that the Buckeyes are not performing very well. The one certain thing that can be said about the Buckeyes is that they are very confident, but they haven’t played against quality opponents that much. This lack of experience can become a problem but the fact that Ohio State defeated Wisconsin and the fact that they haven’t dropped a game so far puts them in a great position to take third spot.

Stanford Cardinal

Out of the three candidates, Stanford has had the most rigorous schedule thus far and they came up ahead against five top-ranked teams. BCS computers put Stanford ahead of Baylor and there are plenty of reasons for this. down the undefeated Ducks should count for something and it does, but the fact that the Cardinal lost to Utah means that the top-three spots are now further away. To be fair, if Baylor and Ohio State had the schedule that Stanford had, they would also have at least one loss on record, maybe even more.


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