Funny Betting Options

Betting on sports has become very common nowadays with online sportsbooks being just one click away. There is a large selection of bookmakers that offer betting options on all the major sports in the world and gamblers can easily choose where and on what sport they want to bet. Popular sports such as football and basketball draw in a lot of bettors that enjoy the sports and are willing to risk their own money for the chance to earn more.

starcraft bettingThis is all pretty basic and it is easy to find coverage of these popular sports, but what happens to the ones that are less common? Betting on sports that can be considered weird is an enjoyable break for some gamblers but also a serious market for experienced punters in the field. Betting has become so popular that gamblers can wager on almost anything from sports to political events and TV shows with new markets never being too far away.

An interesting sporting section that has been getting a lot of attention lately is e-sports. Competitive games that are taken to their limits are very popular online and it seems that betting has finally caught up with them. Pinnacle Sports, one of the biggest sportsbooks online, is offering betting options for the big games such as Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. The big tournaments for these games can have a great number of viewers looking to place a bet on their favorite team. The $1.6 million Dota 2 tournament, The International, is a great source for betting and gamers have the chance to bet on the winner and on the continent of the winner at Pinnacle Sportsbook.

bet on crabsWe all heard about horse racing being very popular for betting but there are a lot of other sports in which the animals don’t really get as much coverage. A good example here would be crab racing, something that most Aussies are familiar with, and betting is a big part of this sport. It is not uncommon for people to train their crabs and make sure that they are ready for the big race. There is also a similar sport in US but this involves small turtles; there is something about slow moving races that draw in gamblers willing to wager nice amounts on who will finish first.

In Asia, there are quite a lot of unusual sports to choose from. One of the common choices is cricket fighting which has a long history in China and is considered a gambler’s sport. The season usually starts in September when the crickets are in their best form, at one month. Bets are known to sometimes go over $10,000.

celebrity bettingBetting on the Super Bowl is so popular that online sportsbooks offer a wide range of side bets that have nothing to do with the actual game. In 2012, when the New England Patriots went up against the New York Giants, there were some nice options to bet on. One of them was who will Barack Obama pick as his favorite, a market that quickly started once Obama declared that he hasn’t made up his mind a few days before the big game. Betting on the national anthem section has become very popular; in 2012, the odds were 5/2 that Kelly Clarkson would forget at least one word of the anthem and there were also over/under 94 seconds bets for the duration. Many similar bets were available at Bovada, a great place to find entertaining bets from uncommon markets. The online sportsbook is known for having some special betting options from time to time and weird wagers can offer an amusing choice of sporting events.

Something that is interesting is that although online gambling is illegal in the United States, there is a barack obama bettingloophole that allows citizens to select a group of players that are ranked on a points-based system depending on their performance and win money from the users that selected the other teams. In other words, fantasy sports betting is legal in US which generates an interesting gambling market and a wide range of websites that specialize in offering betting options for fantasy sports such as football, baseball and basketball. The leagues usually last about one week but can even be as short as one day, so betting options are always available. These fantasy sports are games where the players act like the owners of a certain team and make all the decisions; the games are played between teams based on statistics and the betting markets can get very competitive. is the most popular website for fantasy sports betting and it offers a lot of leagues to choose from, each with different levels of risk to consider.

There are some sports that although very popular in most countries, don’t really count as the most common gambler’s sports. Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world but not many place bets on poker events; some online sportsbooks offer lines for enthusiasts that want to bet on their favorite poker player to win a major event.

fish sports bettingAnother unusual betting sport is chess and there are some bookmakers that cover the major tournaments. The sport requires a lot of skill and experience to master and there is a prestigious tournament that takes place each year, the World Chess Championship. Power has a nice list of uncommon betting sports to choose from but there aren’t many options available for each sport apart from the main tournaments of the year. Gamblers can even bet on fishing!, something that sounds a bit weird.

At the end of the day, if there is an activity that is based on competitions between several sides, chances are enthusiasts of the sport will want to place bets on whoever they think will win. Online sportsbooks just offer a response to the existing demand, even if it seems uncommon to list many of these sports. Betting is fun no matter what the sport is so it is always nice to try out some new things and learn about various competitions that can open new betting markets.


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