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Overall Paddy Power Review

Paddy Power is a very popular bookmaker within the United Kingdom. There are betting shops available all around with 212 in Ireland and 107 in England. As it is with all the major betting organizations nowadays, the traditional betting shops aren’t really the main focus for gamblers, so they will be happy to know that Paddy Power also offers great services online and even has a very good sportsbook available by telephone. It is safe to say that they cover all their angles and the betting shops really give new users a certain peace of mind when betting online.

There is also a strong bond with the UK markets and this can be felt quite easily on the website but this doesn’t mean that it limits the options to the local markets. There is a variety of sports available for bettors to choose from; starting with the popular choice of football and going all around the world with options such as American football, baseball and even Indian cricket. All the major sports in between are covered with ease. Paddy Power is not just about covering a great number of sports, the main focus seems to be on offering a wide range of betting options for every game with the results being mind-blowing.

A good example would be to check out the betting types available for a major football match from Europe and be ready to be shocked. Everything from match results to betting on a team scoring an auto-goal is available at Paddy Power and it is incredible to see so many options available for one match. Betting on a player scoring a goal and what team will get the first one into the net are already standard bets here. If you have a feeling that one of the teams will score the third goal of the match, simply go with your gut because Paddy Power offers you the opportunity to bet on it.

Apart from all the sports available and the large amounts of bets that can attract some very interesting players, the website also offers betting options for popular reality shows where people compete amongst each other; the perfect example would be XFactor. Users can even bet on political events and not just for the local elections but also for international ones; there is even an option to bet on the next Pope.

There are some great in-play betting options available for users that enjoy various markets. The UK ones are of course the main focus but this doesn’t mean that other ones are left aside. The in-play betting options for cricket in India are the best that can be found online. It is important to mention that Paddy Power doesn’t just feature the big and popular leagues of the major sports, they also have a lot of the smaller ones although these games usually have far less betting types available. The bigger the match, the more betting options there are on the website. Don’t forget to check out the greyhound races that are very popular in UK and in Australia.

Paddy Power features poker, casino games and bingo apart from all the other options we have already mentioned with special websites available in order to not get them mixed up. The interesting part is that every one of these sections comes with its own promotions and betting bonuses.

Seeing that mobile betting is the future, Paddy Power doesn’t seem to fall behind as they offer applications for mobile devices so that users can take their bets wherever they go.

Paddy Power Bonus Details

Since we try to mainly focus on the betting aspects of the website, we will look at the promotions available for the online sportsbook.

The first promotions users can benefit from is a £50 free bet. In order to get this bonus, users just have to create an account, make a deposit and place their first bet; Paddy Power will match that bet for free, as much as £50 or the Euro equivalent for that. This is only available for the first bet and only for customers from the United Kingdom; users using Moneybookers or Neteller to make a deposit are not eligible for this promotion.

What really makes Paddy Power great as far as promotions go is their desire to give money back to their users. Special Cash Back promos are available every day within quite a few markets. Another great bonus available on the website is “Two for the price of One” that is also pretty frequent; this basically allows the users to place two bets but just pay for one, it is something very similar to the free bet given when joining the website.

Special promotions are available for certain sports. For Wimbledon, which has recently ended, there were money-back specials if the player you bet on lost in the 5th set. Something similar is now available for boxing; users can get their money back if the fight finishes within three rounds.

Small Flaws

Some consider the fact that Paddy Power being mostly directed towards the UK markets as being a weak point. However, it is the largest online betting operator in the region and while it tries to become bigger and offer other markets, there aren’t as many options available for them. The website can only be viewed in either English or Spanish with currency options being just as limited; EUR or GBP. There are some country restrictions with USA and Canada being amongst them despite the website having some very nice betting options for American and Canadian leagues.

Final Results

Paddy Power is the best choice for gamblers from Ireland and England with a big focus on the local markets and a wide variety of betting options for the big matches. Although the website doesn’t seem very friendly on an international level, there are quite a few leagues and betting options meant to attract foreign customers. The company is very stable and with a clear management which inspires trust from their users; the fact that they have some very amusing commercials on television is a nice touch as well. There aren’t any big drawbacks that would discourage users from joining and the daily betting bonuses and promotions are surely something that demand attention.


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