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Overall Pinnacle Review

Pinnacle Sports is one of the elite online sportsbooks that demands attention with unique features and great management. There are many things that can differ from one sportsbooks to another and Pinnacle Sports manages to dominate multiple categories. For starters, this is the place where users can find the lowest bookmaking margins in the world; this means that the price taken by the site for every bet is usually the smallest one in the business making it a huge deal for professional bettors and amateurs alike. Every detail counts in this business and lower margins are certainly pretty high up on the list.

Online Sports Betting at Pinnacle SportsOver the years, Pinnacle Sports has become one of the largest online sportsbooks available with customers joining in from all over the world in order to benefit from these low margins. Since it went online in 1998, the sportsbook had a few clear goals which were kept during all this time: fast payouts, competitive lines and large betting limits. While other big sportsbook focus on offering special promotions and bonuses, Pinnacle Sports has become popular mostly due to these competitive lines that offer users an edge when betting. With more and more customers joining in on the action, the sportsbook could start taking in bigger bets and it has now become the place with the highest wagering limits. Users can make a maximum bet of $30,000 for some of the featured sports such as NFL football.

This doesn’t mean that Pinnacle Sports only focuses on the large limits, everything is taken into consideration here no matter how small it is. This drive towards perfection made the online sportsbook the first one to move odds by pennies making the sharpest lines in the business. Nowadays, every other bookmaker takes a look at the numbers found at Pinnacle Sports.

It is the number one location for professional bettors due to these sharp lines, large wagering limits and the lack of restrictions on winning. The website is a bit different than what most online gamblers are used to from a sportsbook. This is mostly due to the fact that most of the other websites use a ASI platform while Pinnacle has been making modifications and adding features to the website throughout the years to make it more efficient. Once new users get the hang of it, there is no better website available.

Comparing odds with other online sportsbook will quickly reveal the fact that Pinnacle is indeed the best option right now. These odds can be found for a multitude of sports from all around the world and with some great betting options.

Football is one of the main focuses and there are plenty of games to choose from. The website doesn’t just offer matches from the top European Leagues and Championships but it also includes the first league from almost every country in Europe as well as from other parts of the globe. Cricket and hockey are also very popular on the website with a great coverage of all the big games.

Although USA is restricted, the section where Pinnacle Sports really dominates is American Sports. When it comes to American football, baseball and basketball, there is simply no other better online sportsbook to turn to. Here is where users can use their $30,000 wagering limit for an unlimited amount of times as long as the line moved or four hours have passed. It is the best place for punters that enjoy American sports and want to benefit from the best odds.

Apart from sports, there are also other events featured on the website such as chess, poker, politics and entertainment.

There is a great customer service available by email that can be accessed 24/7/365 with a quick and clear response from the website. Everything is made to be as efficient as possible so there is no live support on the website or at least a phone number for client service. Users can choose between 16 languages when on the website and from 18 currencies when making a deposit.

Pinnacle Sports Bonus Details

The main attraction of Pinnacle Sports is the fact that they have the lowest margins on the internet and this means a small bonus on most of the bets featured on the website. All the major sports have a reduced pricing and the odds can be very attractive for all types of bettors. However, it doesn’t offer the typical bookmaker sign up bonus that has become the standard on the internet.

There are other unique promotions mentioned on the website such as the high betting limits and the zero commissions on winning. It is also important to mention that successful bettors are made to feel welcome here and are not restricted like on other websites.

These are pretty much all the promotions at Pinnacle Sports; there aren’t any traditional bonuses for signing in and reloading, nor is there a loyalty system made to reward regular users.

Weak Points

The most common complaint from users is the fact that there is no support by phone or instant messaging online. While the email service is good and does offer a response in a short time, it isn’t as efficient as a phone line would be.

Even with the great odds, sharp lines and low margins, the lack of promotions and special bonuses can make some users turn away from Pinnacle Sports and head towards other online sportsbooks that have these features.

With USA being restricted, a large potential customer base is blocked despite the great coverage of American sports.


Pinnacle Sports is arguably the best online sportsbook available right now. Everything is made to be as efficient as possible; from the lack of customer support via telephone to the specially designed website. It is a great innovator for the business and one of the most serious bookmakers in the world. Professional gamblers will surely feel welcome here and there are a lot of things to bet on with the great coverage provided by the website. Something that can’t be stressed enough is the fact that Pinnacle Sports offers the best odds online; there is no promotion that can make up for this fact.

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