The Most Intriguing Non-Conference College Basketball Games

The top 4 games to look forward to

College basketball has a lot of rivalry between certain teams across the nation and this makes for some very interesting games, even if they are not included in the tournament. The history between colleges, the desire for the players to stand out and get noticed and the huge crowds coming out to support their favorites are just some of the elements that make college hoops so exciting to watch and there is certainly no lack of drama away from the courts either.

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The Most Intriguing Non-Conference College Basketball GamesLouisville at Kentucky on December 28

This is expected to be one of the most heated games of the year as there is plenty of rivalry between these two teams to make the players give it everything they have on the court come December 28. While the history goes back a while, this year comes with the distinction that it matches the last two national champions, which are both ranked in the top 3 at the start of the season. The fact that it is not a conference match will not count one bit as there is more than the tournament on the line, it is college pride and arguably more important, bragging rights.

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Kansas vs. Duke on November 12

On Tuesday, the No. 5/6 Kansas will face off against No. 4/4 Duke in Chicago for what will most likely be one of the most exciting games of the night. It will be highest-ranked opponent the Jayhawks have faced since 2012 and the battle will be between freshman Jabari Parker for Duke and Freshman Andrew Wiggins for Kansas. Arguably the juiciest individual matchup in the early season since Duncan faced Camby in 1995. Both of the teams have won their first game and there is nothing better than the fight between the 4th and 5th teams which are eager to prove that they deserve a higher ranking.

Kentucky vs. Michigan State on November 12

Needless to say that top rated teams in the nation going head-to-head is one of the most anticipated games of the year. This is what is going to happen on Tuesday as the Kentucky Wildcats will play against the Michigan State Spartans in Chicago. The Wildcats may be No. 1 right now but the Spartans have much more experience than them. However, Kentucky will be the favorite to win this match, but by only 2.5 points.

Most of the Kentucky stars are freshmen and there are quite a few of them. With the best recruiting class in the nation, there is plenty of talent to work with and it remains to be seen if the lack of experience will be seen against such a strong opponent like Michigan State, especially with the new rules introduced by the NCAA this season. For the latest updates in college sports, check out NCAA on Twitter.

Michigan at Duke on December 3

Last year’s national runner-up against a team which has won an incredible 20 straight games at home and never lost a non-conference game on their court since 2000. This will be an exciting one to watch and there is a chance that the record will be broken on December 3. Before choosing a side and placing a bet, be sure to get more information about NCAA basketball betting and the best ways to place a smart wager.


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